Marc’s Early NFL Musings

August 22, 2007 |

As we move towards the start of the NFL season I thought I’d enlighten all of you with some early predictions.  Here’s a few items you can mark down as fact- until I’m proven to be COMPLETELY wrong.

- Daunte Culpepper will be a serious candidate for "Comeback Player of    the Year."

- The New Orleans Saints will NOT be as good as they were last year.

- The Green Bay Packers will make the playoffs.

- QB David Carr will take the starting job away from Jake Delhomme in     Carolina.

- The Ravens will make the playoffs but exit early.  Sorry folks.

- Because of Bryant Gumbel, I will NEVER watch an NFL network game     with the volume up.

- The Texans’ DE Mario Williams will show everyone why he was chosen #1   overall in ’06.  Houston will be a VERY dangerous team to play.

- In Chicago Rex Grossman OUT, Brian Griese IN.

- RB Frank Gore will let down Fantasy Football owners who   foolishly think he’ll put up last year’s numbers.

- Randy Moss WON’T be totally content in New England either.

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