Mark Hendrickson to bullpen… PLEASE!

May 13, 2009 |

OK.  After last night’s performance by Hendrickson, it has never been more evident that the guy is not a starting pitcher in the major leagues.  That is not a knock on him.  Not everybody is.  Now I understand that the Birds have been in a spot this year where they don’t want to throw their young arms to the wolves (I’ll address this in a minute) and they were forced to take a bit of a second-level starter in Hendrickson (and Eaton) as a result.  But the experiment is over.  Every time the guy starts, it is the same performance.  Great 1st inning and usually a strong second and then it seem as though Zaun is telling the hitters what is coming.

But there is one major positive to be taken away.  With the exception of his start against the Rangers, Hendrickson has been very effective one time through the lineup.  As I stated in a previous post, this has middle to long relief written all over it.  Quite frankly, I think he could be very effective in this role,  Lord knows we are going to need plenty of long relief this year.

If we can have Rich Hill be what he has been in rehab, Guthrie continues to improve, and Koji steady, then it is time to add another one of the young arms to the mix.  Like I said on air the other day, bring them up one at a time so we aren’t forcing the weight of the world on them.  Throw Tillman in the mix with Bergeson and 3 veteran pitchers.  I think it serves a much better purpose than going with 2 vets and 3 young guys.

Make the change O’s!!  We have nothing to lose.  Lets get some of these young arms established so Peter will open the wallet on a free agent arm next year.  He said it himself… He’ll go out and get someone when we are close.  But like I said, we can’t get a quality free agent until we win, and we can’t win until we get a quality free agent.  Lets bring the young guys in.

Jim Palmer put it best when he asked the question “What are the Minor Leagues for?”  They are there to earn your way onto the Big League Club.  If some of these guys haven’t earned that now, then what is it going to take?