No Babies At Sporting Events

March 11, 2014 | Marty Mossa

I’ve been to many sporting events in my life; more hockey, football and baseball gams than I can account for. I’ve seen my team blow leads, had to put up with obnoxious fans, and so and so on. But the thing that gets under my skin the most are those who bring babies and newborns to sporting events.

Forgive me if I appear self righteous or if I offend anyone. But I truly believe that anyone who brings a child under two years of age to a sporting event is committing a form of child abuse.


Last night I brought my wife and sons to the Reading Royals hockey game. To our left and below there was a couple sitting rows behind the net with a child no more that a year old. Why would you subject a child to the noise, the crowds and the dangers that could exist at a sporting event? Not to mention dragging the child out on a cold Saturday night when the child should have been in bed.

After shaking my head in disgust over the one year old, I saw another bozo holding a newborn baby down in the concession area showing it off. Hello McFly!! If you want to show off the kid, post his pictures on Facebook. Don’t drag him into the night at a loud, crowded hockey game.

My wife and I attended the Ravens Monday Night Game on December 19, 2005. Bret Favre & his Packers invaded M&T Bank Stadium. And along with them, they brought the Green Bay weather. It was bitterly cold that December night. Yet I saw some moron in a Packers Jersey with his baby son wrapped in a hammock. The child was cold, crying and miserable. Yet the game obviously came first before his son. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!


My theory is that these selfish parents were so used to attending their football, & hockey & baseball games that they weren’t going to let a little thing like bringing a baby in the world to stop them from continuing. I think these parents are so selfish that instead of staying home and watching the game, they would rather jeopardize the health and safety of their child to feed their sports habit.

My advise to these parents is this: if you don’t want to give up going to your hockey, baseball and football games, don’t have kids. If you do have kids, find a babysitter or stay at home and watch it on TV! Otherwise wait until the child is at least three or four to take them to a sporting event.