MartyBall now ready to roll?

January 18, 2008 | Drew Forrester

I’m hearing from a NFL source this morning that Marty Schottenheimer has agreed “to listen to what the Ravens have to say.”

Schottenheimer has not been FORMALLY interviewed by the club so far, but part of that issue stems from the fact that MartyBall’s agent told the team from the beginning of the process that he (MSchott) would not be interested in “interviewing for the job, like the other candidates who have no head coaching experience.”

You can’t blame MSchott, actually.  Why would a guy with 200 career wins and 21 years in the league come in to be evaluated on the same terms as a guy like Jim Caldwell, John Harbaugh or – gulp – his own son, Brian?  Answer:  A smart guy WOULDN’T come in for the first round of interviews, which is precisely what MartyBall told the Ravens.  “When you have a list of SERIOUS candidates, get back to me.”

The Ravens must not have been too pleased with an unemployed coach telling them how to run their coaching search.  So, they scratched MSchott off their list.

Now, it seems MartyBall is ready to sit down and talk shop with the Ravens…and vice-versa.

The only problem?

As another league source told me yesterday…”Marty isn’t cheap.  And now that Garrett has turned them down, Marty’s price just went up.”

Also, Marty’s staff members aren’t cheap.  “The price of business goes up when Marty is your coach because his staff members are quality, experienced NFL coaching veterans,” said the source.

One positive from a MartyBall hiring is that it COULD spark a return engagement for Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan.

“Rex would have to buy into that, being passed over for Marty,” said the league source.  “But, Marty might be OK with Rex staying on board.  That’s something they’ll have to talk about with him.  And, to get Rex to buy into it, they may need to pay HIM more money as well…or, at the very least, give Ryan another year on his deal.”

In any case, I’m hearing the Ravens are ready to sit down and seriously talk about the coaching opening with MartyBall.

No “interview” per-se.  Marty doesn’t want to hear that word.  If the Ravens want him to be the coach, he’s ready to talk. 

Rather than say, “why don’t you come in and interview?, Steve Bisciotti will have to say something like, “let’s sit down and figure out if this job is right for you and if you’re right for us.”

And, “let’s figure out if we can afford you.”