Maryland Men’s Basketball Slips By

March 20, 2008 |

The Maryland Men’s Basketball Team again slipped by a team that they should have destroyed the other night. This team is a question mark every time they show up on the court. One game they beat #1 Carolina and another they lose to Ohio and American. Maybe this is because of the talent Gary Williams has been able to sign lately.

Every year I see the best players in the Baltimore/Washington area going elsewhere to play their college ball. Carmello, Durant, Beasley, Lawson, Greene, etc., etc. and etc.. Is this because Gary lost several of his key coaches after winning the National Championship in 2002?? Or is it Maryland?? Or Gary himself?? I have no ideal, but the amount of talent that has left the Baltimore/Washington area over the past 5 seasons he could have won a couple more National Titles!! It has been unbelievable!!

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Gary Williams is a great coach and we should be happy that he is here at Maryland. But enough is enough!!

Maybe the tide as turned for Gary with the signing of Mosely out of St. Frances and Dino Last season. If not then we may as well be happy to see the Terps be a middle of the pack ACC team and each year hoping to get into the Big Dance.

Well let’s see which Maryland team shows up tonight against the Orangemen!!