MASN-What Is It Good For??

May 02, 2009 | Tom Clayton

I am one Orioles fan who records every game on my DVR so I can catch every minute of the “action”.  I was just wondering if I am the only person who is sick of watching Oriole games in standard definition while National games are in high definition seemingly every night.  In fact Oriole games are only in HD when they are not playing a simultaneous game with the Nationals; if both teams are playing the Orioles are relegated to second fiddle on MASN 2.  I am one Orioles fan who is sick of watching Adam Eaton get light up in video quality on par with the Zapruder film.


The MASN website and promotional items claim to have 105 Orioles games in HD; but what is the point when the live feed is in regular definition and the replay is in HD? You can not tell me that while the Orioles haven’t been the most relevant team in baseball over the last decade, they are not more relevant or bring in higher ratings than the worst team in baseball.


 I understand that Washington, DC is the 7th media market while Baltimore is 22nd but could we get alternating games on HD?  Have the Orioles in HD one night and the Nationals the next? 


MASN is basically spitting in the face of Orioles fans and reaffirming Baltimore sports fans paranoia that we are disrespected.  Our home team’s games are bumped from MASN HD for the worst team in baseball.


As if this is not bad enough I am forced to watch the public access quality post and pre game shows MASN provides.  Most nights Jim Hunter and Rick Dempsey seems as if they are reading from a script written directly by the old man in the warehouse.  Can you honestly tell me there are positives to take from a 6-19 loss against Texas; tell me the truth MASN our pitchers are awful.


As for the ad wizards that MASN has brought in, how much did we all love the Broadcasting Fantasy camp spots last year?  Hilarious I know.  And now we have the “What is your defining moment campaign” but they are defining moments from last season. How do you even have a defining moment when you lose 93 games?  And as if the ads weren’t bad enough we not only have to sit through these horrible Orioles ads but we get the exact same ads but done with Nationals broadcasters and players.


The Orioles have a 90% stake in a network that shows an away team in a majority of its HD games.  This would be the equivalent of Bud Light showing nothing but people drinking Coors Light in their advertisements.  It doesn’t make any sense how do you not highlight YOUR product on YOUR station?

I guess in the end as an Orioles fan I don’t have much of any other options.  The old man in the warehouse knows he has a monopoly on Baltimore baseball and fans mean nothing to him.