Matt Ryan Continues Playoff Woes

January 08, 2012 | Michael Schwartz

The Falcons had another disappointing postseason after the Giants destroyed them on offense and defense. The Falcons didn’t have any offensive points, the only points they had were on an intentional grounding call in the endzone which resulted in a safety. Other than that, they couldn’t move the ball on the Giants defense. Matt Ryan threw for 199 yards, Michael Turner ran for 41 yards, and the Falcons were 0-3 on fourth down.

The Giants ran the ball effectively and Manning threw the ball well. He threw for 277 yards and three touchdowns. 115 of his 277 yards were to Hakeem Nicks, and Nicks also had two touchdowns. Brandon Jacobs ran for 92 yards on 14 attempts and Bradshaw ran for 63 yards on 14 attempts. They had the ball for 34:34 out of the 60 minutes in the game and they didn’t have any turnovers. They also went 8-15 on third down, and that kept the Giants on the field which kept their defense fresh.

The Giants have a chance to be a big threat in the playoffs because they can run the ball and they play good defense. They have a great defensive line led by Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora, and Justin Tuck. This is one of the best defensive lines in the NFL and they get to the quarterback a lot. They didn’t sack Matt Ryan a lot but they still got to him and hit him. By doing this, they were in his head and he knew he had to rush throws and that led to incompletions.

The Giants offense has been great this year led by Eli Manning in the passing game and Bradshaw and Jacobs in the run game. Eli Manning had the sixth most pass yards in NFL history this year with almost 4,950 yards. He has played at a very high level all year and with Bradshaw and Jacobs running the ball they can make a run. They play the Packers next week and they don’t have a great defense. The Giants have been in this situation before, when they are the underdogs, and have won. When they played the Patriots in the Super Bowl, they were the underdogs and won. They can do this versus the 15-1 Packers. The Giants are traveling to Lambeau but they are an outdoor team, so they are used to this type of weather.