Matt Wieters is in town, suddenly life is good!!

May 29, 2009 |

Its Friday morning, the birds are chirping and suddenly there is a sense of calm and serenity. My food tastes better, water is colder and suddenly it doesn’t matter that I have traffic court today. On my way to court if I let a car get in front of me and I don’t get the wave, it won’t matter. Life is good.

What is responsible for making life so much better? The answer is simple, Matt Wieters makes his Oriole debut tonight.

Matt Wieters embodies “hope” not just for the team but for a city that has been starving for an icon since Cal Ripken Jr. retired.

There has been a buzz emulating around the city since Tuesday night when Andy MacPhail made the shocking announcement that Wieters would be making his debut on Friday.

It is no coincidence that this announcement came on a night when the Orioles drew their smallest crowd in the 17 year history of Camden Yards.

The excitement for the arrival of Wieters can only be compared to the excitement this city had when Art Modell decided to move the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore and bring football back after 12 long years.

The Orioles have one of the richest history’s of any franchise but have not won a World Series since 1983 when I was only a few months old. All I have ever wanted in my life was to see the Orioles win a World Series and Friday night, the Orioles take a major step towards achieving that.

I don’t remember much from Memorial Stadium but I do remember that when the Orioles played the city stopped. It wasn’t just a game, it was an event. People came together for three hours, forgot about all their problems and got to see some Oriole magic on 33rd street.

Baltimore will never be a “baseball town” like Boston, Chicago or St. Louis, but they certainly can make it fun to attend games. The era of Brooks, Boog, Frank, Eddie, Cal and Wild Bill Hagy is over, but with the arrival of Wieters the Orioles are taking a major step towards making baseball relevant again in Charm City.

The Orioles have won 4 in a row, Reimold looks to be the real deal, a few of the young arms are up to stay and the rest of the calvary is on the way.

Suddenly, it is fun to be an Orioles fan. Baltimore fans can now wear their Orange and Black with pride and will turn out in droves to fill the most beautiful stadium in Baseball.

Tonight 40,000 people will go to the game and forget that the Orioles haven’t had a winning season since 1997. They will forget that the economy is in the dumps and they will forget that they have an owner that has sullied this once historic franchise.

When Matt Wieters steps into the third base side batters box for the first time on Friday, none of all that matters. There will be a buzz emulating from the stadium and because of that one at bat, the Orioles are once again relevant.

Matt Wieters is up, and nothing else matters. Thanks to him life is good!!