McCarver is giving me a headache

November 01, 2009 |

I’ll get to McCarver in a moment. First off, the Orioles are selling hope based on the Arizona Fall League performances of prospects Josh Bell and Brandon Snyder. The two corner infield prospects have combined for 4 HRs and 25 RBI and their first 93 ABs in Arizona. The power showing of Snyder is encouraging (3 HRs in 51 ABs) given that he hit only 2 HRs in 262 ABs after a mid-season promotion to Norfolk. When the Orioles fail to acquire a power hitting 1st or 3rd basemen this offseason, rest assured that Bell and Snyder will be sold as the saviors.

I’d hate to be the pitching rubber at Citizens Bank Park tonight. Blanton is listed at 225 lbs. and that’s selling him short. Sabathia is listed at 250 and he looks like he should be playing left tackle for the Jets.

Every October (now November) baseball fans are forced to put up with Fox’s broadcast coupling of the smug Joe Buck and the perpetually clueless Tim McCarver. My distaste for McCarver goes back to my childhood when he was the color analyst on the Mets’ broadcasts on WWOR. Each game was filled with McCarver’s inane, pointless stories and Ralph Kiner’s obvious drunkenness. Listening to McCarver blather on for 3 innings tonight about how he didn’t think Blanton hit A-Rod intentionally made me long for Kiner to burst into the booth with a bottle of Jack. Blanton hit A-Rod for 2 reasons: 1. First base was open and it’s easier to hit him with one pitch than waste 4 to walk him; and 2. It sends a message and gets Sabathia warned before he ever takes the mound. Now if only Blanton would lob one up into the TV booth.