Meet Bob Haynie at Royal Farms…

April 28, 2008 | Drew Forrester

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to meet the King of Baltimore sports talk radio, tomorrow morning is your chance.

Bob Haynie will be at the Royal Farms store on Providence Road tomorrow morning around 9:20, picking up coffees.

Notice the word: coffees — as in, more than one.

Bob will be there to buy his morning java and he’ll also be there to bring me a nice, hot cup of post-show coffee from Royal Farms, thanks to “5-walk Danny” coming through for me today in the game at Chicago.

During the “handoff” this morning, Bob and I made a wager on Cabrera’s walk total for today’s game.  Bob set the number at 4.  He took the under, which meant I got the over (which I would have taken had I the choice).

Cabrera walked 7 today in Chicago.  It’s coffee time!

He actually pitched well, giving up only four hits and 1 earned run, but the Orioles are having a hard time putting wood on the ball, with only four hits through 7 innings.

Jeff Spicoli had more hits in Fast Times at Ridgemont High than the Orioles have had in the last two games.

Alas, there’s still time left in this one for the O’s offense to wake up and – ahem – “smell the coffee”.

Note to Bob:  I’ll take cream and three sugars, please.