Memo to Jamie Walker: Your job is to get Left Handers out

May 24, 2009 |

Jamie Walker is known throught baseball as a “situational lefty”  but there is one proble: he can not get out left handed batters.  I think his days in this bullpen are numbered.

Walker once again was ineffective as he gave up a grand slam to Adam Dunn  ultimately resulting in the Orioles loss. Dunn was the only batter that Walker faced and  joined the long list of left handed hitters that have had their way with Jamie Walker and his 82mph fastball.

After Dunn’s grand slam lefties are hitting a cool .368 off Walker this season which makes me wonder when Dave Trembly is going to get the memo that Walker can not get anyone out.

I realize the importance of left handed pitchers and I know they are hard to find, but trotting out Walker just because he is left handed is stupid and one of the problems that I have with Trembley.

Too many times Trembly has been by the book and going by match up and numbers instead of going with who is pitching well.

I would have had no problem with bringing in Walker to face Dunn if left handers were hitting in low 200’s against him, but that is not the case. As soon as Jamie Walker came inI knew that the Dunn give the Nationals the lead and I was right.

These are major league hitters so they won’t all of sudden become discombobulated just because the pitcher is left handed and it seems like Dave Trembley falls in love with Walker for the mere fact that he is left handed.

Like I said, I understand the fact that brining in a left hander is better percentage baseball then if he had faced a righty but as often is the case, percentage baseball is not always winning baseball.

I have no major league experience nor do I get paid to scout players but I know the “book” on how to have success against Walker: Lay off the breaking ball and force him to try to beat with a fastball.

If I can figure this out then advanced scouts, hitters and certainly Adam Dunn have it figured out.

By no mean’s has Walker been the Orioles only ineffective reliever, but he has one job, and he is not doing it well this season. Walker came into the game with the bases loaded and was facing the Nationals best hitter, but relievers are used to this pressure situation so that can not be an argument here. Personally, I would not like to be in this situation but I am not getting paid 4.5 million dollars to throw a baseball.

I have been a “Walker basher” all season and I hope Dunn’s grand slam finally gets the message through to Dave Trembley and they either release or trade Jamie Walker.

Left handed pitching is at a premium in Major League Baseball but it shouldn’t be hard to plug any other “situational lefty” and watch have lefties hit .368 off of them.

Maybe Jamie Walker needs to stop worrying about teaching Koji the “dirty words” and start worrying about doing his job, GETTING OUT LEFTIES!!!