Merton in Indianapolis stays…because it’s the right thing to do

November 10, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Merton in Indianapolis has chimed in twice this week on The Comcast Morning Show and, on both occasions, his phone calls weren’t exactly well received by the masses.

I get it.  Anti-Raven and Anti-Baltimore stuff isn’t exactly what we all want to hear.

A lot of you have called in or e-mailed me and urged me to “ban” Merton from the show.

That’s not going to happen.


As much as it sometimes pains me to put him on the air and let him ramble on about the Colts and disparage Baltimore’s football history and the players a lot of us grew up with and adored, Merton isn’t getting banned.

The Orioles have ostracized me…treated me unprofessionally…and, essentially, banished me from their world because I’ve been critical of the franchise.

I’m not going to do the same thing to Merton that has been done to me by the folks at the Warehouse.

As long as he comes on the show and doesn’t violate FCC regulations (which, honestly, he’s never even come close to doing), Merton stays.

I know that might not be popular with a lot of you, but it’s just the way it has to be.  I certainly don’t always enjoy hearing him make fun of the Ravens failures, particularly the morning after a loss.

But…banning him for simply having a negative opinion of the Ravens and/or Baltimore wouldn’t be right.

What the Orioles have done to me isn’t right.  It’s bush-league, frankly.

And banning Merton wouldn’t be right either.

So…he stays.

Any of you are welcome to participate in the show.

I’d especially like to hear from all of you next Monday morning after the Patriots slap the Colts around on Sunday night.

That’s your chance to vent…and laugh…and giggle…and offer a snarky comment about the “Indiaaaaaanaaapppolis Colts” getting their fannies whipped by Tom Brady & Co.

Make sure you take your best shot.

After all, everyone is welcome on the show.