Miami roadtrip update…

December 30, 2008 | WNST Staff

It’s not looking good at this point for us to miraculously pull together a charter plane to Miami for this weekend’s game.

The only legitimate quote I got for an airplane was $103,000 for a 180-seat plane. If you do the quick math on that, you’ll see that the price for a one-night trip to Miami would be close to $1000 per person — and that’s based on selling every seat.

I have a hotel ready to go. I have tickets on hold. I have a tailgate party ready to go. I just don’t have a plane. And unless I get a miracle before 2 p.m. I’m going to have to profusely apologize for not being able to pull this off. I’ve dedicated the last 36 hours to doing this — more for the fun than the money, honestly. Some folks told me I couldn’t pull it off (which only inspires to me actually do it.)

But I don’t think there are 180 people in Baltimore willing to spend $1000 five days after Christmas to go to Miami for this wild card game.

Stay tuned for Nashville and drop me a line if you’re interested in a potential trip next week. Flights are pricey but available. We are also entertaining a more inexpensive option via bus. (Fill in your cheap shot here…)

I’m doing my best. But it might not be good enough on a holiday weekend without an airplane.