Michael Phelps Enjoys Attractive Women…..and Takes Them to Taco Bell?

May 11, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Let’s take this story at face value. From the UK’s News of the World via Deadspin…..


Baltimore based stripper Theresa White (Above….she’s the one on the right) claims she has had a lenghty sexual relationship with Phelps. She also says he’s a bad tipper, chews tobacco, kept smoking weed well after Beijing, had a threesome, plays hours of online poker with friends, is a momma’s boy, and never took her anywhere besides Taco Bell.

While News of the World WAS the first paper to publish the bong picture of Phelps; who knows what to make of this story. It doesn’t seem all that crazy considering what we’ve heard about the swimmer; but the source in the story is being interviewed while wearing lingerie.

The story is mostly irrelevant either way; expect for the fact that I can now imagine even more of what it’s like to be Michael Phelps.

A reminder that Phelps’ suspension is now over; and he returns to the pool this weekend for the Charlotte UltraSwim.