Michael Vick & the Ravens

May 18, 2009 |

Before the next mini camp opens, I was thinking of the players who could help the Ravens and may be available as June cap cuts or by trade. One name stood out from all of the others, Michael Vick. Once upon a time, he was the NFL’s most athletic and exciting player. Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, has said Michael Vick will never play for the Falcons again. If Blank is serious and Vick becomes available should the Ravens try to acquire the tarnished star?

Michael Vick will be released from prison this week. Upon his release, he will finish out his sentence under house arrest for two months. During this time, he will be required to work a construction job. When he completes the final two months of his 23 month sentence, he will still have many hurdles to clear before he ever plays a down in the NFL again. The biggest hurdle will be NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Vick will have to meet with Goodell and convince him he has changed. Goodell seems to be a good judge of character. If he is convinced Vick has changed and regrets his past actions, he should allow him to rejoin the league. If Vick is reinstated many teams will inquire about his services.

Anyone who was has watched the NFL cannot deny Vick’s athletic ability. He reportedly ran an unofficial forty time of 4.25. He is big, 6-0, 215 lbs and could be the final piece of the puzzle, for a Ravens run to the Super Bowl. If we can get him at the right price and he is willing to become a Wide Receiver, I think we should try to get him. He will be rusty and need time to get into shape and learn a new position. Once he puts it all together, he could be the big play receiver we’re looking for. Vick could truly open up Cam Cameron’s offense.

Before everyone shouts me down, let’s use reason to calmly think about it. Baltimore has always supported our athletes and been willing to give them a second chance. Ray Lewis was the greatest benefactor of our support. The Ravens would be the perfect place for Vick to get a fresh start and resume his career. They’re renowned throughout the NFL for their player support system. They’ve helped players rebuild their lives, not just their careers. Ray Lewis would understand what Vick has been through. He would be the ideal shield and mentor for Vick.

I’ve owned dogs for most of my life and despise what Vick was involved with. That being said, he has served his time and suffered more than we will ever know. If he truly regrets his dog fighting days, he deserves a second chance and a new beginning. I think the Ravens would be the best place for him to restart his career. Ozzie Newsome has been courageous and provided players with a second or last chance. Here’s hoping he will think about giving Michael Vick another opportunity.