Mike Knuble Charms Charm City

March 02, 2010 | Chad Lamasa

Washington Capitals, Right Winger, Mike Knuble paid to a visit to EPSN Zone in downtown Baltimore last night. Arriving shortly after 7 pm he answered questions from an enthusiastic crowd. Then signed autographs and took pictures with the fans, including my son and his friend.
He has been my favorite acquisition of the past offseason. He fills a need for those gritty, ugly, in front of the net, type goals the Caps were missing the last couple of years.
As a member of the Red Wings, Rangers, Bruins and Flyers he always seemed to have big moments against the Caps. So it’s nice to have him getting those moments as a Cap now.
During the Q&A, a question was asked about what he did with the Cup the day he got to have it. He said he took to his high school to show it off and then charged a couple of bucks to have a picture taken with it. He said all that went right into his pocket, laughed and then said he gave all of the proceeds to his alma mater.
Then he made a side note and said that the Stanley Cup holds 17 and 1/2 beers, which besides getting a laugh, could maybe help me win a bar bet.
After the Q&A there was a trivia contest for a few hats and t-shirts he had signed.
One of the questions was, what NHL record does Mike Knuble hold? The answer is… the fastest to two goals from the start of a game, at 27 seconds.
As a member of the Detroit Red Wings he won two Stanley Cups in the late 90s. Which included a win over the Caps in 1998. 
He said that he doesn’t feel like he earned them, since he only played in the earlier playoff rounds and not the finals either season. Now he wants a ring he feels he has earned.
In the autograph session, I told him I had him on my fantasy team and he laughed. Then I told him since I added him back to my team (I dropped him when he was out with a broken finger), I reclaimed first place in the league. His response was “Cool”. I’m sure he didn’t care, but it was nice to interact with him a little bit.
Something I noticed about him, was that he seemed genuinely happy to be there. He talked to the kids and had patience with them.
My son’s friend, told him the Caps won 14 games in a row and then lost three in a row. Obviously he knows that. He sat and listened to him and instead of talking down to him, he said “Yeah, we need to try harder.”
Most of the time you hear negative things about athletes, but Mike Knuble, seems to be one of the good guys. And I hope he gets a ring with us this season and he feels like he’s earned it.