Mike Leveille’s week and K.O.B.S.

May 30, 2008 |

Lets get the lacrosse news done first. Last night Syracuse attackman Mike Leveille capped off an amazing week. On Monday he wins the Most Outstanding Player in the Syracuse National Championship win over Johns Hopkins. Tuesday night after being drafted by New Jersey in the MLL he is traded to Chicago where he can play with his older brother Kevin. Last night he wins the Tewaaraton Trophy which is the Heisman for college lacrosse.

Now on to the King of Baltimore Sports. I like the list of 28 that Drew announced yesterday with one exception. How is Brady Anderson on the list. Aside from a 50 home run year which has a steroid cloud around it I don’t think he is in the class of the rest.

He belongs in the running for the last 4 spots not the first 28. There are a number of people on the list of the last 4 that I would put in over him. I would take Matte, Curtis, or Heap just to name three.

Do you agree with me or I am I way off base on this? Please let me know.