Mike’s Lack of All-Star Selection

July 07, 2008 |

I’m sure that I’m going to get a comment box full of questions, all saying about the same thing. “Do you think your brother got screwed since he didn’t get named to the All-Star team?” So before I have to answer it several times individually, I’ll answer it once.
After Mike beat the Red Sox on Saturday, I thought he was in for sure. Then, about three hours later, when I saw that Chicago’s Gavin Floyd through seven shutout innings against Oakland, I thought he was in too. I was wrong on both counts. For about the first five minutes after the team was announced, I was furious. Once I cooled down enough to analyze the team, I realized that all of the pitchers named had very good first halves. You could always make a case that Sherrill could have been left off and Roberts, or even Huff could have been the Orioles representative, but it’s not like Sherrill had a bad half. You could have also named Longoria and left of Kazmir to fill the Rays’ need. The reason that Zazmir isn’t listed with the league ERA leaders is that he hasn’t pitched enough innings to qualify, but the innings that he has pitched have certainly been pitched well.
The one A.L. All-Star who everyone will complain about is Varitek and his .218 batting average. However, being a position player, if he had not been selected, they would have replaced him with another non-pitcher, so Varitek’s presence didn’t affect Mike in anyway. The fact of the matter is that getting one representative from each team and making sure you have a back-up at each position makes selecting the team extremely difficult.
As much as I think Mike certainly pitched well enough to be included in the Mid-Summer Classic, there are others, like Gavin Floyd or even Dice-K, who also deserve to go, maybe even more so than Mike. So, even though I wish he had made the team, I’m thrilled with the way he has pitched in the first half of the season.
Now that the All-Star teams have been announced, we can move on to the real July baseball news; trades. The Sabathia deal to Milwaukee just gets things going. Who will the Orioles trade? Who should the Orioles trade? I’ve heard and read many opinions, and one guy that I think should be almost untouchable is Jeremy Guthrie. He’s good and he’s cheap. I know that everyone is tradeable, and if someone offered something ridiculous then yes, take the deal, but do you think anyone is going to give up the world for a guy with a 12-12-lifetime record? Don’t give away a good major leaguer for a good minor leaguer. Hang on to this guy.