Millwood a curious option for O’s

December 08, 2009 |

One of the hottest rumors out of MLB’s Winter Meetings has the Orioles hot on the trail of Rangers right hander Kevin Millwood. Anyone that watched the Orioles deplorable starting pitching in 2009 can understand why the team is looking for a veteran starter to stabilize the young starting rotation, but Millwood is a curious option for the O’s. Texas recently picked up Millwood’s $12 million option for 2010 and is now reportedly looking to deal him for salary relief. If they were really looking for salary relief they would have simply declined the option. The thought that the Orioles will acquire Millwood for a minimal prospect in a salary dump deal is unlikely. The Rangers have reportedly requested Brandon Erbe or Felix Pie in return for Millwood. Trading either of those players for Millwood would be a mistake. If the Orioles can deal Jason Berken or Troy Patton for Millwood then I’m all for it. Anything more and it’s a mistake.

The Orioles would be better served going after a FA starter like Rich Harden or Jon Garland. They’re both younger than Millwood, have had success in the AL, and Garland is just as durable, plus the Orioles wouldn’t have to deal a young player to acquire either. The Orioles are also said to be interested in bringing back Erik Bedard, who may miss the beginning of the season due to an injury. Garland and Bedard would be a good start to the offseason and would cost nothing but Peter’s money.