Minor Leagues vs Major Leagues: Not Even Close

August 13, 2009 | Marty Mossa

       If you read by bio, you would see that I am not too keen on Major League Baseball.  In fact I have not seen a MLB game since May of 1993.  The money, arrogance, and steroids are some reasons why I started to get a bad taste in my mouth in regards to MLB.  I declared a life time boycott on MLB when Matt Nokes of the New York Yankees declared during the 1994 players strike that they (the players) were “fighting for their freedom.”   I would love to have such bondage if that included a pay check with six, seven, or even eight figures in it.

     Many of my family and friends say that I don’t like baseball.  That is hardly the truth.  The truth is that I don’t like Major League Baseball.  But I love Minor league Baseball.  To me there is nothing like a summer evening in a minor league baseball park. 

     I love minor league baseball, from their unique little ball parks, to the fan friendly atmosphere, to the economy friendly prices.  I try to take my family to one or two games each summer.  I’ve see games in towns from Harrisburg to Richmond, from Aberdeen to Bowie and Frederick to Scranton.  But my favorite place of all is Sovereign Bank stadium home of the York Revolution. 

     It’s a simple game.  Compare prices.  To go to an Orioles game can cost between $8 to $80 for a single seat.  Not to mention parking and concessions.  Harrisburg tickets run from $5 to $10.  A Revolution ticket is as cheap as $6 for lawn seats.

     York offers a family a wonderful experience.  There is a “kids” section with slides, and a merry go round.  Sitting on the lawn is so comfortable it makes me feel like I’m watching a baseball game from my deck.  After each home run a colonial looking “patriot” fires off a cannon.  What a great experience.  The icing on the cake is the fact that Brooks Robinson is part owner of the team. 

     So next time you get down on the Orioles, think minor league baseball.  There are many teams within two hours of Baltimore.  There are the:  Frederick Keys, Hagerstown Suns, Bowie Baysox, Aberdeen Iron Birds, Harrisburg Senators and the York Revolution.  Why pay major league prices for a subpar product when you can save some money and have fun?