Miscellaneous observations for this weekend……

October 01, 2009 |

1. How bad has this season been for the Orioles? Well, if you buy tix online for Saturday’s game against the Blue Jays, they are giving away beer! I’m not kidding! It’s a shame that NCAA regulations won’t allow the Terps to do the same!

2. After going to the Capitals’ Convention last week, I am ready to “Rock the Red”, “Unleash the Fury”, “Give ’em what for!” and any other slogans that the Caps’ can come up with!

Ted Leonsis gave a great panel discussion with NHL commish, Gary Bettman. One thing that Ted said that was refreshing to hear after dealing with owners such as Angelos, Irsay and in the Caps’ market, Snyder. He said that the team “was a public trust and the owners are guardians of that trust.” Wow!

Unlike Angelos, Leonsis really IS a very available individual. Now, why do I say that? I’ve been a Caps’ fan since I was 20, an Orioles since I was five! Guess which team’s owner that I met first? Ted Leonsis shook my hand after leaving the stage. As Stan Lee would say, “‘Nuff Said!”

I bet their home opener will draw more than the Orioles’ Oktoberfest! Good for the Caps’, sad for “them O’s, hon”!

3. I like the Ravens’ chances against New England.I am concerned about our secondary against the Brady Bunch, though. The Chargers picked them apart in the air. Only Ray Ray’s diligent study of game film and Norv Turner’s bonehead play calling saved the purple that day.

Go Ravens! Go Caps! R.I.P. Birds!