MISL Team Meets With It’s Players:

June 04, 2008 |

As a former member of a management team it’s never easy to meet with your loyal employees to either announce a major change in structure or a going out of business. I had this unfortunate task back in 2000 when Aisle 3 closed its doors. Here is what I learned happened at one MISL team meetings yesterday.

One of the MISL teams met with its player’s yesterday afternoon and this is the information that was forwarded to me.

They all were told that they are all free agents until something is figured out.

What they are proposing for the new team structure?

The new structure that they are trying to come up with is that they want to pay per game and not for the whole season and it’s like $200.00 or $300.00 per game or not to exceed 15K a season, this team is also trying to eliminate the Apartments that they provide to players, also teams will no longer apply for visas for international players. These are a few things that the owner advised they would try to put in place if they create a new league. He has told them not to worry but in the same breath advised them to do what they need to do to support their families until they try to come up with a plan which could take months. He advised the players to stay quiet and give no interviews and if anyone asked to say things are going to be ok.

More information as it becomes available.