April 14, 2008 |

As correctly predicted here, “pat” on the back! The La Ra Za defeated the Storm in the 1st semi-final game 17-5, and in the Golden Goal game 3-0, to advance to the MISL semi finals vs. Detroit. Chicago won at home on Wednesday but they got destroyed when they had to travel to Monterrey. When three players (Mariano Bollella and Carlos “Chile” Farias, and defender Edgar Rivera) from your team get suspended prior to your playoff game you know you are in trouble.

The Blast played shorthanded Saturday as they played the 6 players from New Jersey and the two referees on the field for the entire 60 minutes. The officials yes I said officials and you say “what officials”? were obviously instructed to favor New Jersey in this contest. What a joke! Anyway given all that BS the Blast still managed to win and they had the majority of support in New Jersey as well (This team’s fans travels very well). For the record the Prudential Center is a fine, fine, building and one to model after if we ever get our act together in Baltimore and finally graduate to the big leagues. Neto is worth every dollar he is being paid and then some. I hear he may be getting a raise real soon. He is the money in the bank.

When everything was going New Jersey’s way late in the 4th Neto put the dagger in them, against the run of play, as Sagu saved the Blast with a wonderful save to start the counter attack and Neto faked 3 defenders and scored to seal the deal.

Now the Wave comes to town on Wednesday at 7:05pm. I’ll preview that series on Tuesday.

I would like to also take a personal moment and congratulate the North Point Village girl’s soccer u-14 Purple Galaxy team who won their indoor tournament coached by yours truly this weekend! Well done ladies!