Misters Irrelevant

September 29, 2009 |

The Orioles are steamrolling towards 100 losses. The progress of some of the young players has provided a few bright spots in another dismal season, but the light at the end of the tunnel is still distant and faint. Andy MacPhail is already on record stating that the Orioles don’t figure to be major players in free agency and will not package prospects in a deal for a proven slugger.

After 12 years of futility and irrelevance the team is already lining up in the punt formation for the 2010 season. If this team enters Spring Training with Jeremy Guthrie as the Opening Day starter and Michael Aubrey at 1B and Ty Wiggington at 3B they’ll be a lock for a 5th place AL East finish and likely another 100 losses. That’s not progress.

There are players available that could supplement the youngsters and there is certainly money available in Angelos’ coffers. I’d love to see DeRosa, Holliday and Lackey in Orange and Black in April, but I think it’s pretty clear that Peter is going to go all Scrooge McDuck on us and spend the winter swimming in gold coins.