MLB pitches a draft day dud

June 09, 2009 |

When it comes to being a baseball nerd I am at the top of the list. I am the same guy who when he was in college in November of 1992 had no access to cable to see the expansion draft, so I called my parents long distance and had them sit the phone by the TV for three hours so I could track every pick.

As expected I was very excited to be able to watch this years draft on TV on the MLB Channel as opposed to the feed as it was shown last year.

For all of my anticipation, I was very disappointed. The commentary was fine, but after every pick they would show only about 5 seconds of each player in action.

With the internet age don’t you think they could have given me a little bit more? I know MLB has the footage since they will soon be posting links of many players who go in the first 20 rounds on their website as they did last year.

Baseball nerds want to see footage of these guys and I doubt that anyone who sat through two hours of the coverage tonight is not a baseball nerd.

For a first try at showing their draft, MLB came up a little short. Then again when Bud Selig is leading the way with the enthusiasm of a mortician what do you expect?

Of course I will still watch next year…