Monday Morning Flight of Ideas…

April 27, 2009 |

Does anyone else remember Rex Barney saying this at Memorial Stadium…”You’re attention please…tonight’s PAID attendance…” ?  Also, Camden Yards has always announced PAID attendance – remember how it always was a sellout, yet the attendance number was always different?


A question for Keith Melchoir – is it me or are the hockey referees getting in the way of play more often?  Is it because of having 4 on-ice officials?  


Why can’t the Orioles give out more than 10,000 hats and shirts on giveaway nights?  Why send a bunch of people home without the giveaway when they can easily afford to make up triple the amount that is given out?  This would result in more happy customers, more positive marketing of the team, etc.     


I’m stunned that WNST doesn’t push this press pass thing to court and get it resolved.  Besides getting the press passes that should be rightfully given, it would result in more free national publicity for WNST, just like Free The Birds, which may force even some local press to cover the story too.