Monday morning thoughts and the big game tonight

January 07, 2008 |

·I’m very excited for tonight’s National Championship game when LSU takes on Ohio State (I refuse to call them THE Ohio State. Nowhere is that listed as their official title).

I will be that annoying fan tonight with the goofy hat (as Rob, Ray, Spencer, and Ken can attest) and everything else hoping that a couple hours later I will be watching the Tigers celebrate a National Championship. Although my birthday (31st) was Saturday, I am willing to accept a late birthday gift from LSU tonight….better late than never right?

        So Rob and I had this debate on Friday, but I will stick to what I said and think that yesterday proved it to be true: Vince Young is not that good. To quote the great historian Brian Billick, “He is what he is.” I just do not think he is that good and that it has very little to do with who he has to throw with. Can you honestly say that he has been better his first two years in the league than Kyle Boller? Check the stats out of Kyle and Vince their first two years in the league. I have just not been impressed with Vince his first two years in the league.

·         I had zero interest in hearing what Roger Clemens had to say last night. The way I look at it is that he had a chance to explain himself when Senator Mitchell called, but decided not to. Anyone surprised that Roger decided to do it when he could be in the spotlight all by himself. Come on Roger, at some point in your life you have to realize that it is not all about you, dude.
·         American Gladiators debuted last night and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Hulk Hogan showed why he is a wrestler and not in the broadcast business. Now I did watch it for a while since Crush had my attention and a couple of times her background in MMA showed up in some events.
Ok, I will be back later today with more thoughts as the day goes on and more news comes out about the Ravens coaching search.