Monday Nights Alright for Fighting

December 07, 2009 | Tom Clayton

The time for pleasantries and courtesy has passed, the Ravens must put their foots on the throat of every team they play from here on out.  Players and coaches must go into every game with a mentality of organized chaos.  We need to put fear in the hearts of our opponents and show the swagger that has made opposing fans hate us for the better part of a decade. 


The Ravens are a team on the brink…the question is what are we on the brink of?  We will find out tonight if we are a team ready to make a playoff run or a team that couldn’t match the lofty expectations tossed their way in August.


This is a team that has been competitive in every game; losing only one game by more than one score.  But the time for moral victories has come and gone; now is the time for winners to step up and prove their worth.


For the Ravens the playoffs have begun…their destiny is in their hands and if they handle their business on the field they won’t need to scoreboard watch or hope for help from other teams. 


Tonight in Green Bay the Ravens need to come out firing on all cylinders from the opening kickoff and pound the Packers into submission until the final gun sounds.  It is time to play Ravens football; we need to take the oppositions best shot right on the chin and then smile at them with blood in our mouths and hit them back but twice as hard and twice as violently.  We need to show the rest of the NFL that we will not allow any team to take our goals from us…we are a team that is going to fight, scratch, and claw our way to reach the mountain top and NOBODY is going to stop us no matter how hard they try.


Tonight is the night where the world will learn that the NFL’s toughest team doesn’t lie in Pittsburgh or New England but rather in the land of pleasant living.  Tonight the Packers need get ready for fist fight because we are coming and going to come out throwing haymakers.