Monday – time for a memo or two … or three

October 29, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Memo to Jon Kitna:

No one is saying it yet, for fear of jinxing you, but I’ll say it. You’re halfway to the 10-game victory total you promised back in training camp. Odds are, it won’t happen simply because you guys are he Lions, but right now, you look like you’re gonna give 10 wins a run for its money. Nice work …


Memo to the Boston College Eagles:

If you cats somehow play LSU in a BCS Bowl Game, you’ll get a major dose of “The Cleat of Reality.” BC, the second-best team in the country? If so, this is a sad season for college football.


Memo to Marvin Lewis:

Nice defense. Oops, I said that a few weeks back. Hey, Marvin! Willie Parker just scooted through another hole and picked up 8.


Memo to the Redskins:

Put that one behind you. You’re lucky they didn’t beat you 62-7. They could have … if they wanted to.


Memo to the O’s:

Go get pitching. Right now, your starting rotation is comprised of a guy who still hasn’t really shown he can go 220 innings with the team on his back (Bedard), a guy trying to catch lightning in a bottle again (Guthrie) and a guy who has good stuff but hasn’t displayed the ability to generate three quality starts out of every five he makes (Loewen). And one of your starters for next year (Cabrera) isn’t a tried-and-true major leaguer. Go get some pitching this offseason. Trade for it. Sign it. Steal it. Buy it. Whatever you have to do — get pitching. Did I mention — you guys don’t have a closer or a reliable set-up man, either?


Memo to Brian Billick:

Monday night starts the most important nine games of your life as far as being the team’s offensive play-caller goes. You’re probably NOT going to beat Pittsburgh, but for your sake, losing 34-27 will do you a helluva lot more good with the know-it-alls than losing 16-13 will.


Memo to Tom Brady:

Dude, I’ll keep saying it every week. No human being should be that frigging good at something. But you’ll be leaving Indy with an “L” next Sunday, my man. I won’t bet the game, because I would NEVER bet against Tom Brady and/or Bill Belichick, but I say Indy wins 34-24.


Memo to anyone who cares:

There’s football in the SEC — and then there’s the rest. And the rest isn’t even close to what the SEC has to offer on a week-by-week basis.


Memo to the NFL:

Don’t look now — but here come the Chargers.


Memo to Mike Lowell:

Stay in Boston. You’ll continue to win there.


Memo to Ray Lewis:

Less yappin’, more tacklin’. Thanks.


Memo to Joe Girardi:

You might be the right guy for the job, but you’re not the best guy for the job.


Memo to Joe Torre:

You’re the best guy for the job. Oh, that’s right, they forced you out. They’ll learn their lesson soon enough.

Memo to Navy Football:

Theme for the day: “On any given Saturday …” — how the hell did Delaware beat you guys?


Memo to Andy MacPhail:

Next time you see Director of Communications Greg Bader at the water cooler, ask him why he doesn’t treat all members of the media fairly.


Memo to Nestor in China:

You don’t have a hair on your backside if you don’t yell out “this is the WORST chicken lo mein I’ve ever had in my life!” when you’re over there in Beijing.

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