Monday’s 19-points to ponder…

February 11, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Here’s a Monday edition of 19 points to warm your hearts on this frigid Baltimore morning.  Enjoy.  Respond.  Or just enjoy and don’t respond.  Either way, enjoy.

1. Now that the Mid Atlantics have finalized the deal for Bedard, does it make sense to bring Brian Roberts back into the office one more time and offer him an extra mil or two just for sticking this thing out for the next 2-4 years?  I’d really like to see B-Rob stay in Baltimore and be part of the rebuilding process. 

2. You’d NEVER see Tiger squander a 3-shot lead with 5 holes to play like Vijay did at Pebble Beach yesterday.  It just wouldn’t happen.

3. I went off on a rant about this subject this morning on the show, but it’s worth re-hashing again.  Morgan State plays at home tonight against S.C. State in college basketball.  Morgan is undefeated at home and 8-1 in the MEAC (first place).  In today’s edition of The Sun, there’s NO game-day story about tonight’s contest over on Hillen Rd….yet, there are stories about British Olympic athletes signing some kind of agreement about something…and Egypt beating Cameroon in soccer’s African Cup.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?  British Olympic athletes and the African Cup are more important than a Division I college basketball game being played in Baltimore – featuring a team that’s in first place in their conference?  What a joke…seriously…what an absolute joke.

4. The Redskins just made the Ravens’ coach hiring/firing process look like it came straight out of Football 101.  What a train wreck down there in D.C. — Jim Zorn?  Yeah, nice hire there.

5. The Mid Atlantics might as well sign Josh Fogg.  He’s better than Daniel Cabrera, Hayden Penn and Garrett Olson.  In fact, Fogg would probably be the #3 starter if they ink him.

6. Mike Weir wins this week’s PGA Tour event in Los Angeles.

7. The Justice Department is now investigating Roger Clemens?  I’d rather have the Justice Department figure out how to stop the dope dealers from peddling their wares down on North Avenue.  Now THAT is worth worrying about.

8. Towson hosts George Mason in college basketball this Wednesday night at 9:00 pm at the Towson Center.  This would be a MAJOR shot in the arm for Pat’s Cats if they could pull off a win over the Patriots.  One thing Towson doesn’t have in the Pat Kennedy era is a marquee win — this Wednesday they have a great chance for one.

9. I watched three plays of the Pro Bowl – mainly by accident during a commercial break from something else I was watching.  It’s the absolute WORST pro sports “all-star game”.  It’s unwatchable.

10. I’ll take Matt Kenseth to win the Daytona 500. 

11. Maryland will wind up being a #5 seed in the NCAA Tournament. 

12. If Pebble Beach isn’t the best looking golf course in the world, I don’t know what is.  To watch it on Hi-Def yesterday was amazing. 

13. Speaking of Hi-Def (or lack thereof), how can the Mid Atlantics OWN a television station and NOT broadcast their own games in HD? I’m sure someone else is to blame.

14. I guess most of the off-season transactions in MLB are finished, so we can start our pre-season predictions.  I’ll make my “formal” declarations in a month or so, but right now (notice: right now) I’m leaning toward a Tigers-Mets World Series.

15. The Caps are looking more and more like they’re going to make the post-season.  It’s been a while (2002) since they made the spring ice-dance.  Ovechkin might beat someone by himself.  That dude is REALLY, REALLY good.

16. Kevin Healey, GM of the Blast, will join me in studio this Wednesday from 7a-10a for our second edition of “Breakfast With…”  This Saturday, the Blast will induct Keith Van Eron and Domenic Mobilio into the club’s Hall of Fame.  Hope you make it out there to honor those two guys. 

17. Someone called the show today and said the barometer for ’08 success for the Mid Atlantics would be avoiding a triple-digit losing season.  I agree with that.  If they lose 99 games or less, I’ll consider the season a success.

18. I still haven’t heard from Andy MacPhail after my Saturday “open letter”.  I don’t understand…

19. Maryland beats Duke on Wednesday.  I just have a feelin’…