Mora lobs MacPhail a gopher ball

November 08, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Andy MacPhail has a disgruntled player on his hands. It was almost a welcome sight to read The Sun this morning and see that Melvin Mora would consider lifting his no-trade clause if the O’s can deal him to a team on the East Coast. I figured there was a chance the Mora story would be a hot topic with the callers this morning and perhaps we could have a one-day respite from everyone’s homemade recipes on how to fix the Ravens … but that didn’t happen. It was “Bench McNair” and “Fire Billick” again … and again … and again.

But the Mora story is an interesting one because it’s really the first time we get to see if Andy MacPhail has softball-sized “stones” … or marble-sized. If MacPhail wants to set the tone in HIS organization, he’d call MelMo today and say, “Do you have boxes at your house or do you need us to supply them for you?”

These cats who constantly bellyache in public about the team they play for should do one of two things: a) get more hits or b) get out of town.

Mora is supposedly upset because Manager Dave Trembley called his pal Daniel Cabrera “unprofessional” after he threw at Boston’s Dustin Pedroia during a September home game last season. Hey Mel – maybe you should be more pissed off with Cabrera for all those losses, the surrendered home runs and the once-again inflated ERA.

This is MacPhail’s chance to send the right message to the clubhouse. For starters, it’s not as if moving Mora is going to change the team’s wins and losses in ’08. It’s Nov. 8, 2007, and I can just about guarantee you the Orioles are going to be a 70-win team again next season.  And that’s WITH or WITHOUT Melvin. If they can find a team on the East Coast that will take Mora, do the deal … and then throw out that cryptic message for the rest of the players to read/hear: “Melvin said he wasn’t happy with the way things were going here and felt like he didn’t want to be part of a rebuilding process so we fulfilled his wish and executed a trade.”

Code word: “If anyone else — cough, cough, Erik Bedard, cough, cough, Brian Roberts, cough, cough, Ramon Hernandez — doesn’t want to be here next season and beyond, we’ll do our best to accomodate them as well.”

This tom-foolerly where the players stink up the joint and then try and weasel their way out of accepting the blame needs to stop (that’s going on right now with the football team too — maybe it’s an epidemic over there in the Camden Yards vicinity).

And one of the ways to stop it is by shipping out the guys who aren’t happy.

Melvin’s not happy with how things are going? Here’s a news flash for you, Melvin. The fans have stopped coming to the games. They’re not happy either.

It’s now up to MacPhail.  Will he take a swing at this gopher ball that Melvin has lobbed him? It’s easy to hit a home run on this one. After all, Melvin has thrown down the gauntlet by admitting publicly he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuilding project that focuses on youth rather than experience. This one’s easy: Bye, bye Melvin.

If MacPhail decides to man-up and dismiss one of the team’s longtime veteran contributors, maybe he should drive out to 1 Winning Drive and work his new-found magic on the football team. They have a few dudes out there who have worn out their welcome too.