More “BIG NAMES” For This Weekend’s Fundraiser …..

July 10, 2009 |

The list contiues to fill up. And, we’re looking toward a nice slate of guests when the 24-Hour Marathon, benifiting Harbor Hospital’s HarborView Cancer Center, kicks off. Recent additions, include:

Kyle Richardson – You remember the Ravens’ punter from the SUPER BOWL season, right? We’ll catch up with Kyle and see what’s going on in his life, today.

Marvin Lewis – That’s right, we’ll spend a few minutes with the former Ravens D-Coodinator and current Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Pam Shriver – Ahh yes, it’s so refreshing to look back on those who remember where they came from – and Pam Shriver fits THE mold. We’ll talk about her annual tournament and life on the WEST COAST.

More names coming – stay tuned …..