More music and some Saturday night winners…

July 07, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I’m on the “back nine” of my favorite 18 iPod playlist.  Today must be “defunct band” day with my list.  Actually, these three bands might still be alive – somewhere – but they’re probably playing bars and carnivals.  Too bad…all three produced some great music in their day.

Song #10 is by Soundgarden. You can hear it/watch it here.

The Stone Temple Pilots put out three really good CD’s before heroin caught up with lead singer Scott Weiland.  Too bad…they were on their way to rock legend status.  I wish those rockers could stay off the dope, but most of ’em can’t.  Here’s one of my faves from STP and it’s #11 on my IPod “favorite 18” playlist.

And if you think it’s tough to catch lightning in a bottle, just ask these guys, who put out a terrific first album and then never followed it up with anything even close.   This song is #12 and it was Fuel’s best musical moment.


Feeling pretty good about three games tonight in MLB.  Here they are, with odds and such provided by

Let’s take the UNDER (10.0) in the Tampa Bay at Kansas City game.  Sonnanstine vs. Meche on the mound – if ever these two teams were going to have a pitching-fest, tonight’s the night.  Call it 6-3 Kansas City.

I like the OVER (10.0) in the O’s/Texas game tonight in Arlington.  Bedard hinted at arm fatigue after his start in Chicago mid-week, so tonight’s a perfect night for him to give up 5 runs in 4 innings and beg out – leaving it up to our bullpen to finish things off.  Rangers win tonight, 8-5.

And how about a 2-team money-line parlay – let’s take St. Louis to win over San Francisco and Detroit to beat Boston.


I don’t know why I’m predicting this, but it’s just a hunch.  Nadal beats Federer in the Wimbledon Final on Sunday.  By the way, if you wanted to bet the Final at, you’d get Nadal +450 on a $100 bet.  Or you can bet $600 to win $100 – on Federer.

Have a nice weekend.  Stay cool.