Most Annoying Baltimore Sports Figures

May 28, 2008 |

In honor of the King of Baltimore Sports, I started thinking about the most annoying sports figures who have ever passed through Baltimore.  I’m thinking not only guys from Baltimore’s sports teams but individual athletes as well. 

So who are some of your “most annoying?” 

We’ll open this to players, coaches as well as non-athletes associated with sports…


Why? Well, obviously to avoid Andrew and I having to delete 200-300 nasty comments about how the Fighting Ungers are the most annoying thing in Baltimore sports.  Plus we’d rather avoid negative comments about other members of Baltimore’s sports media.

Now here’s the first five that come to mind for me.

1. RAY LEWIS- Interestingly, a lot of people say the same thing.   Arguably the greatest middle linebacker ever but also arrogant, self absorbed and NEVER STOPS with the praise Jesus thing.

2. BRADY ANDERSON- Hated the way he walked, his sideburns and the fact that he’s now on the list of greatest Orioles home run hitters bothers me.

3. MICHAEL PHELPS- Too much Press coverage and every time I see him in the newspaper I’m subjected to shots of his “package”.  Please go away.

4. LEMONADE SHAKING GUY- If I want a lemonade at a ball game, give me a freakin’ lemonade!  I DO NOT NEED A DANCE!  

5. TONY SIRAGUSA- “The Goose”, “The Goose”… I know, he’s just a “regular” guy.  YEAH, WITH MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.