‘Most Annoying, Needs to Be Slapped’ Sports Figure Update

September 10, 2008 |

I’ve gotten some emails asking what happened to the “Most Vile, Annoying, Needs to Be Slapped Sports Figure of All Time” Tournament idea. 

It hasn’t gone away.  We’re hoping to use the same software used for the King Of Baltimore Sports contest but right now WNST is getting ready to launch a new website so it’s been difficult putting things in place. 

We have the final “64” and I’ve even seeded the tournament.   The top four seeds are: Barry Bonds, David Beckham, Tiger Woods and Roger Clemens. 

Below is a list of the first round matchups.  Would love to hear from you about this.  Who beats who in the first round?  Where’s the sleeper picks?  Official voting will begin soon.

1)Tiger Woods vs.
16)Ron Artest
8)Lance Armstrong vs.
9)Deion Sanders 
4)Mark Cuban vs.
13)Brady Quinn
5)Peyton Manning vs.
12)Derek Jeter

2)Pete Rose vs.
15)Steve Garvey

7)John Stockton vs.
10)Bud Selig

3)Bill Belichick vs.
14)Rasheed Wallace

6)Tom Brady vs.
11)Oscar De La Hoya


1)David Beckham vs.
Bobby Knight

Fighting Irish Mascot vs.
Steve Spurrier

Mike Tyson vs.
Erik Bedard

Kobe Bryant vs.
Rafael Palmiero

Terrel Owens vs.
Barry Melrose

Michelle Wie vs.
Bill Romanowski

Alex Rodriguez vs.
Nick Saban

Michael Irvin vs.
Johnny Damon


1)Barry Bonds vs.
Tony Stewart

Mark McGwire vs.
Daniel Snyder

Coach K vs.
Usain Bolt

Danny Ainge vs.
Mark Gastineau

Jerry Jones vs.
Ray Lewis

All Male Pro Tennis players vs
Jeff Gordon

Michael Vick vs.
Chad Johnson

William’s Sister’s father vs.
Brett Favre


1)Roger Clemens vs.
Pete Carroll

Reggie Miller vs.
John Rocker

Curt Schilling vs.
Dirk Nowitzki

Isiah Thomas vs.
Albert Belle

Pacman Jones vs.
Tonya Harding

Manny Ramirez vs.
Tony La Russa

Jose Canseco vs.
Theo Epstein

The Steinbrenners vs.
Sidney Ponson