May 21, 2014 | Roy G Edwards

The Baltimore Ravens and M&T Bank has been a partnership since seemingly the beginning of the Ravens franchise. The partnership, which began as a 15-year agreement in 2003, is now being extended through 2027.

“M&T Bank’s partnership with the Ravens isn’t about a name on a building—it’s about combining the strengths of our two teams to build a better, stronger Baltimore,” said M&T Bank President Mark Czarnecki.

The Partnership saw their first Super Bowl together in 2013, ten years after the initial signing of the deal. Since multiple players have come out with their commercials of “Green Flag Country” and the partnership will continue to grow and play host to one of the best professional football environments in the NFL.

“We are thrilled that the Ravens and M&T are joining BCF in its goal to have 90 percent of Baltimore’s children ready for school by 2017,” said Tom Wilcox, president of the Baltimore Community Foundation.  “M&T and the Ravens’ financial commitment to our program will have a dramatic impact on these children and our school system, leveling the playing field for our children as they enter school.”

According to a press release sent out by the team this partnership will now go beyond the name of the stadium. It has been announced that a new component of the partnership will include an initiative to establish a Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Family Education Center (Judy Center). The Judy Center will “provide comprehensive services to increase school readiness for at-risk children under age five and their families”. The Center will be located at an elementary school in the Cherry Hill section of Baltimore City and is being organized through the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF). The two partners will provide $600,000 in funding for the project.

This adds to the long list of community initiatives that the Baltimore Ravens are currently involved in. Other initiatives include M&T Bank Touchdown for Teachers, M&T Bank Honor Rows, Ravens Foundation Partner, and many others including a partnership with Homes for Humanity to build town-homes in Pig Town.