Music, movies and betting – Tuesday edition

July 03, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I’m really putting some serious thought into my “18 favorites” iPod playlist that I started blogging about yesterday.  I have a list of about 50 songs I’m trying to whittle down to 18 – the three I’m sharing today are “no brainers”.  Not even a moment’s deliberation on these three.  Let’s get to it:

Song #4 — I could have six Rush songs on the playlist, but it looks like only one is going to make it.  As Geddy Lee would say when introducing it…”this is a song about a car”…here it is.  Is Neil Peart (drummer) the man or what?  Nobody better, IMHO.

My 5th song is a collaborative effort from Michelle Branch and Santana.  She’s one of the better young female singers (right now she’s working with a country group called “The Wreckers”) and Carlos Santana is one of the best guitarists ever.  This is a great song.

Like Rush, I could probably have six songs from The Dave Matthews Band on my playlist, but I think this song is the only one that will make the final cut.  I’ve seen a lot of concerts in my life…these guys are the best “live” of anyone (sorry Bruce).


Good Will Hunting is a phenomenal movie that included epic performances from Robin Williams and Matt Damon.  A couple years ago on “The Actors Studio”, Damon said this scene here was the scariest real-life episode he’s ever had in film.  He confessed that he thought Williams was really, truly angry with him – the whole thing was that real.  *language warning on these three scenes*

This is 4:31 of the best acting you’ll see.  Robin Williams is the man.  Damon’s character was terrorizing him after their first meeting and Williams sets the record straight the very next time they meet.  A great scene.

This is Damon’s signature moment in the movie.  Check this out and get ready to laugh as he crushes the “smaahht” guy.


OK, I went 1-2 on the three games I gave you last night, but let’s look at how it happened so I can get some sympathy.  We were “this close” to going 3-0.  I gave you the O’s/White Sox OVER 8.5, which hit.  I gave you the Red Sox/Rangers OVER 10.5 and the score was 7-3 after 5 innings and it looked like a slam dunk to reach 11 runs, right?  Wrong.  The final was 7-3.  I gave you the Cleveland/Tampa Bay UNDER 9.5 and it looked great when the score was 3-2 going into the bottom of the 8th.  Right?  Wrong.  The Indians, for reasons no one can figure out, scored 7 times in the last of the 8th to win, 10-2.  Go figure.

Here we go again, courtesy of this sports wagering web-site:  three more games for you tonight…for entertainment purposes only, of course.

Let’s play Oakland (-1.5) over Toronto and Boston (-1.5) over Tampa Bay in a little two-team parlay.

Something doesn’t smell right with the Detroit vs. Cleveland run total (10.0), but let’s bite and take the UNDER with Paul Byrd facing Nate Robertson.

And let’s take the Mets (+118) on the money line in Colorado tonight.  Winners outright, I say.