Music, movies, betting…

July 03, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I’m hopefully going to see Morrissey tomorrow night at Ram’s Head downtown.  He canceled a couple of shows over the weekend in Philly and New York, and the ex-lead singer of The Smith’s has been known to be a “late scratch” if he even sniffles once or twice during the day, so all of Baltimore’s “Moz” fans are keeping their fingers crossed for Tuesday’s.  FYI, his show at Wolf Trap in Virginia is ON for tonight, as of about 20 minutes ago.

I’m putting together a playlist on my iPod of my all-time favorite 18 songs.  I’m sure I could make it 20, 24, 32, etc., but in honor of 18 holes of golf…I’m going to obligate myself to putting only 18 on my “favorite” playlist.

Here are three of the songs I’m putting on there.  They’re in no particular order of importance or anything.  I’ll get the others posted throughout the week.

#1 is by The Fray (check it out here), a band from Colorado whose lead singer strikes me as a cross between David Gray and John Mayer.

Song #2 is by Vanessa Carlton, a sort of modern-day version of a piano-playing Joni Mitchell.  She sang with The Counting Crows a few years back on a version of “Yellow Taxi” and CC leader singer Adam Duritz said she has the best voice of any female in the music business.  Knowing Duritz, he probably made a pass at her!  Here’s the song by Vanessa Carlton.

And my 3rd song is by a great group from Las Vegas – The Killers.  Here it is…it’s off their most recent CD, Sam’s Town.


Most of you know one of my favorite movies of all-time is Training Day.  Please don’t think for one minute that we’re naming our soon-to-arrive baby boy after Ethan Hawke…we’re not (so my wife says)…but how many other Ethan’s do you know?  lol

Anyway, here’s the final scene from Training Day that is, to me, maybe the best 4 minutes of theater/drama ever.  Check it out here – but please note there are a few harsh words for those of you easily offended.  Anyway, check out that clip – Denzel is one GREAT actor, that’s for sure.  What a scene… – “you can shoot me, but you can’t kill me”…

Another good scene from the movie – it’s early, maybe 15 minutes in, and Jake (Hawke) is beginning to see that life is going to be a little different “on the streets”.  The line, “you’re in the office, baby” is delivered in that smug fashion that Denzel perfected in this movie.  Here’s the scene…


A few winners for those of you interested in capitalizing on your baseball interests.  I’m not advocating that you wager, of course.  I’m just saying if you DO wager, you might want to plug these in and see how you fare tonight.

For the record, I got the game lines and such from this web-site.

Let’s take Cleveland and Tampa Bay, UNDER 9.5 runs.  That kid Sonnanstine has been decent so far and Carmona is coming off of a loss, so I’m hunching he bounces back tonight with a good outing and Sonnanstine gives Tampa Bay a chance to win.  Let’s call it 5-3 Indians.

Boston has struggled offensively the last two games against Texas, but they’ll break out tonight at Fenway.  The Rangers might unload a little as well – I think the total goes OVER 11.0 runs – 9-5 Boston is the final.

And lastly, I like the O’s/White Six OVER 7.5 runs this evening in Chi-town.  Not sure why…especially since the O’s don’t hit left handed pitching very well, but I think the final tonight is 5-4 Birds.

If you play any of those games and they hit, donate 5% of your winnings to baby Ethan’s diaper fund and we’ll call it even!  lol