Music, movies…and a shot at getting even in the late games…

July 05, 2007 | Drew Forrester

OK, like all bad gamblers, I’m going to go for the “west coast rescue” and win back all those “points” I lost earlier today.  You can refer back to my morning blog, if you like, but let’s just say I picked three games earlier and I’m already 0-2 and waiting on the O’s and the OVER to hit so I don’t throw a bagel for the day.

But…there’s still west-coast baseball to be played, and since I’m not REALLY betting any money, it’s easy to pick two more games to get even for the night – depending on what the O’s do, of course.

The Dodgers/Braves run total is 7.0 – I make it a habit of NEVER touching a run total of 7.0, but I’m touching this one.  Brad Penny and Tim Hudson on the mound tonight – which means the UNDER must be the winner, right?  2-1 or 3-2, perhaps?  Sure.  They’re not fooling me here – I’m taking the OVER in this one.  Back up that Brinks truck baby, I’m putting 200 “points” on this one.

And I’ll take the A’s (-1.5, +140) over the Mariners this evening in Oakland.  I like Chad Gaudin on the mound for the Athletics.  I like him so much, in fact, I’ll throw another 200 “points” on this to try and win 280.

Ahh…it’s so much easier to bet the games when you’re really not betting the games.

For the record, though, I really DO like the O’s and the OVER tonight.


Three more songs to add to my “favorite 18” iPod playlist.  You can check back on my July 2 and July 3 blogs for the first six songs I selected, if you care.

Song #7 — How can you choose just ONE Bruce Springsteen song?  I did, somehow, (it’s here) but I feel kinda guilty about it.  I could have put a dozen on there…but I’m trying to limit everyone to just one song.

Pete Yorn is a Springsteen-type singer/guitarist from New Jersey that has become one of my favorite artists over the last five years or so.  I’ve seen him a couple of times at Sonar in downtown Baltimore and his album “musicforthemorningafter” is one of the best CD’s I own.  Song #8 is the first song on that CD.

And my 9th song (halfway there!) is an oldie but goodie from Harvey Danger.  Here it is…enjoy.


And for all of you boxing fans, here’s the greatest boxing scene in any movie…ever!  *language warning*