Mussina OUT …. In New York

August 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Word out of New York is Mike Mussina has finally been pulled from the Yankees starting rotation. How my poor heart aches for the former Oriole. Let’s be blunt, he’s far from the “Old Mussina” as evidenced by his 0-3 record and 17.70 ERA in his last three starts. And, it’s not just a bad stretch — he’s been absolutely awful.

For those who felt jilted by Mussina when he left town, is this a little redeeming? I don’t blame the guy for getting as far away from this franchise, as possible. Heck, he was merely escaping baseball’s version of the Titanic, when he spurned the Orioles. He chose the money and the credible playoff contender … smart choice.

However in my eyes, Mike Mussina spurned the fans of this town when he left, as well. I’ve been up-close and personal on some of the Yankees’ visits and I can’t recall seeing Mussina acknowledging fans at all. People here in Baltimore still like him. If the Orioles traded for him tomorrow (PLEASE DON’T), it would be a popular move.

Do you remember when Jamie Sharper was plucked away from the Ravens in the 2002 NFL Expansion Draft? Upon his departure, Sharper took out a full page ad in The Sun thanking fans for their support. What has Mike Mussina ever said to the fans of this city? Exactly.

Don’t feel too bad for the guy. He has one year remaining on that two-year/$23 million deal. He’ll be just fine. And so will we …