Mussina still has as many rings as me

November 06, 2009 |

I picked the Yankees in 6 and they proved me right, much to my chagrin. It’s funny what a half a billion dollars can buy. The Evil Empire clinched their obnoxious 27th World Series Championship last night and Mike Mussina still has as many rings as yours truly. That’s really the only thing an Oriole fan has to cling to today; one last bit of mean spirited bitterness directed at the Moose.

I heard a lot of complaining on the Baltimore airwaves today about the Yankees and spiraling salaries and the inherent unfairness of baseball’s economics. I’m not going to go on an anti-Yankee rant because this isn’t anything new. The Yankees have always played in the largest market and had the game’s largest revenue stream. Babe Ruth was the highest paid player in baseball and played on numerous championship teams. The St. Louis Browns were the Yankees’ de facto farm team during the ’30’s and 40’s. The Kansas City Athletics had the honor during the 50’s and 60’s. The Oakland A’s sold Catfish Hunter to the Yankees. What I’m getting at is this: baseball has always been this way and if it’s simply too much for you to take then stop watching and shut up.

Don’t get me wrong, the game would be much more interesting if every team had a fighting chance at the postseason each year, but let’s not confuse the Yankee’s dominance with some sort of financial apocalypse for the rest of the league. David Glass has owned the Royals for 9 years and they have had only one winning season during his tenure. Mr. Glass didn’t amass his fortune by being a bad businessman and he didn’t turn into an idiot when he bought the Royals. The fact that he has owned the team for 9 years means that even a franchise as hapless as the Royals is still profitable. If Glass were losing money he would’ve surely sold the team years ago. We’ve watched the Orioles slash payroll at the same time they started their own cable network, lining Peter’s pockets with cash and filling the AL East standings with losses. It’s clear that most baseball owners are content to take their revenue sharing checks, lose an ungodly number of games and still make a profit. The players and owners are both getting rich and as usual it’s the fans that suffer. Until the owners care as much about winning as they do about making money the system will never change and the Yankees will continue their pace of winning one out of every four World Series.