“Must” Win On The Road

September 20, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     I know this was only the second game of the season.  As football fans we hate to use the phrase “must win” especially when it’s only the second game of the season.  But for all intents and purposes, this was a must win.  Lets look at our schedule.  Next week we play Cleveland.  We can’t look past the Browns, however at home in front of a charged up M & T Stadium crowd we should win.  It is imperative that the Ravens go into New England 3-0. 

     We have never beaten the Patriots.  It’s going to be a tall order to go to Foxborough and come out with a W.  Now I’m not saying that we can’t, but my concern was being only 2-1 after our first four games.  Now that we have gone into San Diego and beaten the Chargers, we have a little more wiggle room.  The Browns game is also a “must” win next week.  We can’t lose to the lowly  Browns a division rival at home and expect to go on to beat the New Englands and Pittsburghs and Indys. 

     The way I look at it is the fact our Ravens have four BIG games.  We have two against Pittsburgh, and New England and Indy.  In  order to boast about being a factor in the AFC, the Ravens in my humble opinion must split with Pittsburgh and at least win one between the Patriots and Colts.  If we can do this, in my eyes the Ravens will be a legitamite power in the AFC.

     As a fan I am so proud of the way the Purple and Black went into San Diego against all the odds and came out with a win.  It’s going to be another fun year.  Only three times have the Ravens started 2-0.  This happened on 2000 (Super Bowl),  2006 (13-3), & 2008 (AFC Championship Game).

13-17 Against the Spread.  (I told you not to bet the house on it)