Must Win Out

December 19, 2009 | Marty Mossa

           Six weeks ago I wrote the obituary for the 2009 Baltimore Raven’s Football Season.  Although I still think it will be tough to reach the post season, I may have to eat those words.  I hope I do.  In that particular blog I said that I would “eat” crow and drink champagne if I was wrong.  There are many things we need to happen to make the post season.

      With three games remaining, we need to win out.  This won’t be any easy task.  With our last home game tomorrow against Da Bears, we will then visit Pittsburgh and then Oakland.  Although we should win tomorrow, next week in Pittsburgh and then again in Oakland will be tough games. 

     We need some other things to happen.  The Ravens are 7-6.  So are the Jets, and Dolphins.  The Broncos are 8-6.  We need of course the Ravens to win tomorrow.  We also need the Titans to beat the Dolphins and Atlanta to beat the Jets.  It would be nice to get them off our tails.  We also need to root for New England to win the AFC North.  If the Dolphins catch the Pats and win the division, it will drop the Pats to the last wildcard spot occupied by us.  And of course thanks to the zebras, the Patriots have the tie breaker over us.  The Ravens have the tie breaker over the Broncos.  If the Ravens win and Oakland can pull an upset, then we would jump to the number five slot. 

     It’s a simple game.  The Ravens have to win, Denver, Jets, and Dolphins lose.  If that all happens, then the Ravens will definitely be in control of their own destiny.