My 2 cents on the King of Baltimore Sports

June 10, 2008 | Keith Melchior

There is a saying… “Opinions are like _______, everyone has one.”  Well, if that is true, why are people at each other’s throats about this “fun” contest? I hear and read about people being offended, frustrated, upset, and angry… and about what? Someone else’s opinion? Opinions aren’t about what is right or wrong. Opinions are what you think about certain things based on your experiences and knowledge of those things. If that’s what you believe in, then so be it. No need to fight each other over it? This is supposed to be a FUN thing to take your mind off gas prices, hot humid weather, and everyday workplace stress.

I’m sure if you talk to 50 people who know even a little about sports, you’ll get at least 25 different names of players who would be viable candidates to be the King of Baltimore Sports. The era covered in the KOBS ranges from the 1950’s to the present. It’s much like the debate over who is the greatest player of all time in any particular sport. A guy in his 60’s will say Johnny Unitas was the greatest QB ever, whereas a guy in his 20’s might say Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are the greatest. Basically, it boils down to how old you are and who you saw play. If you weren’t old enough to see Johnny Unitas play, then how can you honestly vote for him? Can you base YOUR opinion on hearsay from others? No..I don’t think you honestly can do that. Was Cal Ripken a better baseball player than Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson, or Brooks Robinson?  Depends on what you consider to be “better.” Unless you are 45+ you didn’t see the ”real” Oriole teams as much as you saw Cal Ripken. I’m one of the lucky ones. I got to see all of the current 32 contestants play. They are all great in their own rights. 

Bottom line is…The KOBS contest doesn’t really mean squat and it’s not going to change anyone’s life drastically. It is a fictitious contest which in all likelihood will turn into a popularity contest, but aren’t ALL contests kind of like that? 

This is a contest based solely on opinion. It is not like, nor should it even be compared to the NCAA tournament, where a 16 seed will never beat a 1 seed. This contest will promise a lot of “major upsets” in a lot of minds. I only hope the voting results are not made public until after the round ends as to avoid “stuffing and swaying the votes”

My advice: Make your selections with your heart and remember to respect other’s opinions without being a moron about it.