My Apologies

July 04, 2012 | Barry Rankin

I am very sorry to have been absent from the barstool for the past few days.  Due to last Friday night’s storm, I was suffering from a similar fate to what the orioles had been stuck in, a lack of power.

Puns and plays on words aside, the Orioles actually did something to try to combat the lack of power. Despite Buck wanting a designated hitter that could play a position in the field, the team traded Frederick Keys’ pitcher Kyle Simon and Delmarva Shorebirds catcher Gabriel Lino to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jim Thome.

I am not a huge fan of this trade. I have reservations about trading a pitcher in Simon, who was just drafted in the fourth round last year, for an aging, one-dimensional player such as Thome. Besides that fact, the Orioles defense this year has been lacking. Someone needs to break into Wilson Betemit’s equipment bag and steal all of his gloves to guarantee that he never plays the field again. Mark Reynolds is a lousy third baseman and not that much better at first base. Chris Davis is playing surprisingly well in right field, however, he will have to return to first base (or even third base) when Nick Markakis returns to the lineup shortly after the All Star Break.

This reason was the primary concern I had last season when the Orioles signed Vladimir Guerrero. He was not physically capable of playing the outfield anymore forcing him into every day DH duties, placing Luke Scott at either left field or first base, which lessened the quality of the defense. This is why I was excited when I heard that Buck said he wanted a DH that could play the field, because I felt that the Orioles would put together a quality defensive team, which they need to have with the young pitching staff.

With the Thome trade, it is looking like more of the same for the Birds, although I do give them credit for doing something to possibly help the team moving forward.