April 14, 2009 |

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Harry the K. while I worked in Philadelphia for about 5 years in the 1990’s. I worked at TV station WPHL and we had the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast contract of which Harry Kalas was the lead br0adcaster for.  So, I guess you could say Harry and I were co-workers.
My opportunity to talk with Harry came when my sports director asked me to chat to Mr. Kalas about the incredible strikout season Curt Schilling was having. Schil was well on his way to his second consecutive 300 plus strikeout season, and the Phillies were well on their way to another 90 plus loss season. (See O’s fans, it CAN turn around)

The definitive question to be answered by Harry Kalas was, “what was it like to call a game that Schilling was pitching?” I assumed he would give me the stock kind of answer that you get from most ballplayers. “Well, I broadcast every ballgame as if it’s game 7 of the World Series.”
But he didn’t. Harry Kalas was very honest with me. In his wonderful golden throated voice he explained that during this dreadful season, every fifth day was an event because Curt Schilling was on the hill and he might stikeout 15. He said there was a buzz at Veterans Stadium on those days and he got caught up in it and it was a thrill to call games when Schilling pitched. Such great candor from a great sports broadcaster. Curt Schilling went on to strike out 319 that season and the Phillies went on to lose 94 games, but every fifth day in the fans of Philly had something to enjoy.
Actually, for 39 straight years the fans of Philadelphia baseball had soomething to enjoy. The voice of Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas.