March 20, 2008 |

Here are my official NCAA Tournament picks for 2008. 


First Round: North Carolina, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Washington State, Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler and Tennessee.
Second Round: North Carolina, Washington State, Louisville, Butler
Round of 16:  North Carolina, Louisville
Round of 8: Louisville
First Round: Kansas, UNLV, Clemson, Vanderbilt, USC, Wisconsin, Davidson, Georgetown
Second Round: Kansas, Clemson, USC, Georgetown
Round of 16: Kansas, Georgetown
Round of 8: Kansas
First Round: Memphis, Oregon, Michigan State, Pittsburgh (I hate rooting for anything from Pittsburgh), Marquette (that’s for John Harbaugh), Stanford, St. Mary’s, Texas
Second Round: Memphis, Pitt (still hate it), Marquette, Texas
Round of 16: Winners: Texas, Pittsburgh (I need a shower)
Round of 8: Winner: Texas (Thank God!)
First Round: UCLA, Texas A&M, Drake (barely), UCON, Baylor, Xavier, West Virginia (revenge of the Sun Devils), Duke (I want to throw up)
Second Round: UCLA, UCON, Xavier, West Virginia
Round of 16: UCLA, West Virginia (Has Bob Huggins graduated anyone?)
Round of 8: UCLA
Final Four
Kansas Beats Louisville, 76-68
UCLA beats Texas, 66-62
UCLA beats Kansas, 62-57
Big Upsets: 
Round One: St. Mary’s over Miami
                   Davidson over Gonzaga
                   Baylor over Purdue
Round Two:  USC over Wisconsin
                   Butler over Tennessee                   
                   West Virginia over Duke
Round of 16:  West Virginia over Xavier

                   Pitt over Memphis

Round of 8:  Louisville over UNC 

I am sure public humiliation will follow the release of these picks. Let the ‘Madness” begin!