My Olympic Notebook: 3500 miles to the East

February 27, 2010 | Drew Forrester

I’ve watched a lot more of the Vancouver Olympics than I thought I would, that’s for sure.

From time to time, I’ve jotted down some notes and kept them in my computer, waiting for a time to put them all down in one sitting for my own version of “Drew’s notebook”.

  • I was glued to the TV on Friday night…watching the Women’s Curling Final.  I found myself questioning their strategy, offering my own suggestion of “what to do next” and, basically, carrying on as if I had Curling in my family bloodline.  It’s a very interesting sport and – like nearly everything else we’re not familiar with, athletically – it’s probably far more difficult to do than it appears.
  • Something’s fuzzy with the hockey set-up when the team winning the gold medal has one loss in the tournament and the silver medal team also has one loss…and that’s exactly what might transpire on Sunday if Canada beats the U.S.  Somehow, and I’m not sure what the proper remedy is for this, the Olympic folks need to figure out a solution for this problem.  Then again, the U.S. could make this whole thing a moot point by winning on Sunday.
  • Hate to say it, but the U.S. isn’t winning on Sunday. 4-2 Canada is your final.  Sure hope I’m wrong.
  • The Luge participants must be certifiably insane to do what they do.  Who wakes up and says:  “I think I’ll lie down on a sled…on this icy track…at 90 miles per-hour…with virtually no protection”?  People who are crazy…that’s who.
  • Downhill skiing is my 2nd favorite Olympic sport (besides Hockey) and it’s amazing to me that – as an example – ten-one hundredth’s of a second can determine who wins and who finishes 2nd.  Think about that for a second.  All of those competitors race the same course and you’re a winner or a loser based on the amount of time it takes you to snap your fingers twice.  Wow.
  • The figure skating doesn’t do much for me.  Too much “judging” for my taste.  And too much make-up.  I think the competitors should all be make-up free.  That’s just me though.
  • This occurred to me while watching the snowboard event that Shaun White won.  There PROBABLY (this gets me somewhat of a pass…I’m saying “probably”) should be an event where the participants MUST smoke marijuana in order to participate.  And snowboarding seems natural for that mandate — since it would appear that most of the folks involved probably smoke weed anyway.  I know, I know…it’s strange.  But how funny would it be if you saw this on the sports ticker at the bottom or your screen:  “USA snowboarder Roddy McGillicuddy stripped of his silver medal in the Half-Pipe snowboarding competition for testing NEGATIVE for marijuana”.  Just one event — come on man…or “dude”…let the kids smoke.
  • For some reason – and I have NO idea why, but it’s true – I’m more inclined to watch the women compete – in any Olympic sport – than the men.  I guess it has something to do with not watching females compete athletically all that much during our normal day-to-day sports-viewing life.  That Canada-U.S. Women’s Hockey Final featured VERY good hockey, from a purist standpoint.  Those women doing the alpine downhill last night?  They could freakin’ ski their hiney’s off.
  • Here’s another crazy idea…but tell me you wouldn’t watch.  What about a channel during Olympic coverage called “Uncensored” (they’ll have to check with 105.7 to see if that term is trademarked…) in which participants and coaches wear a special microphone that broadcasts EVERYTHING they say through a closed-circuit TV line that is fed to the “Uncensored” channel.  You get to hear it all.  What they think about the competitor that just fell in the skating competition (“Good…serves that b*tch right”) to what they say to themselves after they spiral out of control in the skiing event (“Holy s**t that hurts”).  You wouldn’t subscribe to it for $9.95 for the two-week Olympic run? Right. So would I.
  • What about dressing room camera’s in which you could pay……….(might want to leave this one out of the blog).
  • I really believe this:  There should be ANOTHER hockey event – offering medals and all – called “Pond Hockey”.  It’s 3-on-3 (with no goalie) and it’s played on a rink (outdoors…can be a pond or something built to resemble a pond) with no lines on the ice, no boards, and a net at each end.  There are no slap-shots (puck can’t go more than waist-high) and anyone can “tend the net” at anytime.  The games are 20 minutes long.  Go get ’em.  Swimming is swimming…right?  But some people can swim freeystyle GREAT and can’t swim the breaststroke if their life depended on it.  Same with hockey. Have the regular hockey event that we’re all watching now and have “Pond Hockey” as well.  It would be a winner, I’m tellin’ you.
  • Having to wait another four years for the 2014 games is, honestly, a bit of a bummer.   I’m more of a fan than I realized.