My Orioles Dream for 2010

September 22, 2009 |

If somebody would ask me what my dream would be for the Orioles in this off-season I would have to mention a few things.  Now as we all know we have gone 12 years without a winning team and in my opinion this off-season is a big one for this ball club.  You can’t continue to tell the supporting public to back your team if you continue to do nothing to improve your team.  I think this ball club can take a huge step in the right direction this year by making a few moves and showing your supporters that you mean to try in the 2010 season.  Obviously, our biggest glaring need is a front line starter and I think you accomplish this by throwing a lot of money at John Lackey of the Angels.  This provides you with a number one starter who you can put out every fifth day and expect to get a win.  He can also provide you with a veteran presence that can help lead your other young starters.  You will have to extremely overpay, but I believe considering all of the money you have saved over the last 3 years you can afford to overpay.  After signing Lackey the next thing you want to do is get a power hitting first baseman.  We haven’t had one of these since Palmerio and it is time to make a move.  This move in my opinion would be to trade for Adrian Gonzalez of the Padres and put him at first base and batting fourth in the line-up everyday.  To get Gonzalez you will have to include some of your young pitchers and probably a young hitter.  In my opinion, I would put a package together that would include Brad Bergensen, David Hernandez, and Nolan Reimold to get this deal done.  Now I know that people don’t want to get rid of young pitchers, but you have been stockpiling them for along time and it is necessary to trade a few of them to better your team.  Finally, now that you have traded Reimold to the Padres you need to find a left fielder.  I would go after Matt Holiday and offer him a significant amount of money.  This would provide you with the replacement for Reimold and also give you another solid bat in your line-up.  In conclusion, if you make these moves I truly believe you will excite your fans and show them that you are truly committed to winning.  Now I doubt they do any of these things I suggested, but as I said in my blog post title “My Oriolese Dream for 2010.”