My Sports ‘State of the Union Address’

January 29, 2008 | Keith Melchior

My fellow Americans: For sports fans in this region it sure has been a wacky 2008 thus far. So, today I would like to share my “State of the Union of Sports in This Area” address.

Four weeks and 1 day ago Steve Bisciotti fired the entire Ravens coaching staff. That started what has become a strange roller coaster ride in this region. Gas prices have gone up and down like an elevator. The governor is proposing new taxes to pay for the stuff the old taxes should have paid for in the first place.  Joe Gibbs supposedly “resigns” as Redskins’ head coach. The Ravens start the interview process and are hot on the trail of Jason Garrett, who turns down the offer and signs a multi-million dollar deal to remain the Cowboys next head coach disguised as their offensive coordinator (watch out Wade Phillips) The Ravens hire John Harbaugh as their new head coach. The Redskins interview Jim Fassel, fire their top coordinators,end up hiring Jim Zorn as their offensive coordinator and promoting one of their assistant coaches (his name slips my mind at present) to become the defensive coordinator and they are still WITHOUT a head coach. Kinda sounds like the antics of another team we all know and love.

The roller coaster has taken a few crazy twists and turns… The Ravens hire Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator and announce Rex Ryan will return as defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. Maryland blows a halftime lead by turning the ball over 22 times and loses to Duke at home less than a week after upsetting Carolina IN Chapel Hill. Kimmie Meissner stumbles and bumbles her way out of the US Figure Skating Championships with a strong 7th place showing. The cluster*#$% known as the Baltimore Orioles are in the process of screwing up a potential trade involving Erik Bedard (some things never change) The Washington Capitals go on a mini hot streak are are 1 point out of 1st place in the Smythe Division of the NHL after 3 months of masquerading as a professional hockey team.

As we come to the end of the first month in 2008, it indeed has been an emotional roller coaster ride around these parts. We’ve had our share of ups and downs in this administration, but be glad you aren’t a Washington Orioleskins…I mean.. Redskins fan. Things in Washington stink right now and I almost feel sorry for Redskin fans. Well, maybe not. I think the whole Joe Gibbs resignation story was a scam and  coverup. I firmly believe Gibbs was fired, but the old political smokescreen was out in full force so Joe Gibbs would be the patsy and Redskins owner Dan Snyder wouldn’t look like a bad guy. Snyder would have been assassinated for sure had he fired the most beloved coach in Redskins’ history, so all that baloney in their press conference about keeping things in place and moving ahead in the same direction was nothing but a crock of burgundy and gold crap. Continuity, yeah right. Joe Gibbs was right about one thing though. He won’t have an office at Redskins’ Park and won’t be involved in day to day operations. Usually when you are fired, you don’t remain actively involved with the company that fired you. Their new fight song begins. “Fail …do the Redskins!!”

Fear not Baltimore, the future looks bright. Like democrats and republicans, go ahead and criticize Steve Bisciotti for his handling of the Brian Billick escapade if you want, but it appears the Ravens are well on the way to creating the blueprint for success in the next few years. Gas prices have fallen a few cents in the last week. Oriole spring training begins in about 3 weeks. We haven’t had that city crippling major snowstorm yet. The weather is getting warmer. The days are getting longer. Daylight savings time will be here in 5 weeks. Mardi Gras is next Tuesday.

And so my fellow fans, in closing, I believe the state of sports in this region is going to be interesting over the next 11 months. The future is promising for some, but bleak for others. For now, life is good in Baltimore.